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Kruk kicks off 2008 season with unkempt Ewok look


The 2008 Baseball season is quickly approaching and with that comes the continued journey of John Kruk and his ever evolving hairdo.  While the relationship between Kruk and his dome piece can be categorized as hostile at best, it was rumored there was some sort of peace brokered between the two during the off-season.  Well after seeing him Sunday afternoon on Baseball Tonight it appears his hair has worked it’s way out of it’s dreadful slump and found itself a bit of a carefree mode, kicked it’s feet up on the coffee table and cracked a Bud Light pounder.  It clearly doesn’t give a shit.

When did he become an Ewok?  You can’t tell us if you happened to be strolling through the Ewok village and saw this guy riding a Bordok you would even bother turning your head, it’d be business as usual.  The beard is a brilliant addition, he’s almost impervious to criticism now.  After all, how can anyone hate on a freakin’ Ewok?   

You’d think this might be what he would look like at the end of the season, but we’re barely into Spring Training so expect another magical ride for Kruk and his temperamental mane.

**Bonus pic of Krukie doing his best caveman/grizzly bear impression after the jump…