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Finishing Steve McNair’s retirement thoughts

Steve McNair announced his retirement from the NFL today, and while we continue to be in absolute awe over the fact that he had three years remaining on his contract with the Ravens, we felt obliged to complete the thoughts he shared during his press conference announcing the decision.

(Actual McNair quotes followed by Hernia sentiment in bold)

"Coming out and making this decision, it was hard," McNair said.  "In your mind, you feel like you can play, that you can still compete.  But when your mind and your body are not in accord, it’s not going to work in the National Football League.
Especially when you bump into guys like Chris Chandler and they say, "Damn, where did that noise come from?  I haven’t even heard that sound and I’m on my ninth set of knee caps."

"My mind was there.  Mentally, I could go out and play.  But physically, I couldn’t do it anymore. Not to the capacity that I need to help my teammates win a football game."
Especially when you think you’ve thrown a momentum changing touchdown only to find out the wide receiver has caught your right arm.

"My mind was telling me, ‘Yes,’ and my body was like, ‘No, what are you doing?’  I came up with (the idea of retiring) two or three days ago, but it’s been lingering ever since December."
Be fair Steve, the idea actually came up when all of your limbs conspired against you and sprinted in opposite directions, forcing you to collapse and listen to the whispers of your throwing arm.

"I thought I was going to get at least one more year, because I know Steve has a big chip on his shoulder," said receiver Derrick Mason, who also played with McNair on the Titans.
He also usually has a 50-pound ice pack on his shoulder that makes that chip quite soggy.

"He came into this game and gave it everything he had," said Ray Lewis.  "He now can walk away with his head held high."
He did give everything he had which is why he’s walking away with his head locked in whatever position his neck is telling it to be in today.

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  1. Von Kaiser

    April 18, 2008 at 10:26 am

    Remember how good he was at Alcorn State?

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