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Plastic Man crashes set of Dancing With The Stars

Plastic Man made his triumphant return to prime time television last night disguised in graceful casual wear compliments of the good folks at Gap.  The flexible fella was able to sneak past unsuspecting members of security and thrust himself to the forefront of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, as exhibited below.

Plastic Man became an instant hit with dancing partner Edyta, who naively did not see that the opiate-like glow on his face had nothing to do with her, and stemmed solely from his "shades of white, start of Spring" outfit.

Tension began to heighten as everyone but Edyta could plainly see she was just seconds away from what would quickly be known as "the ass slap heard ’round the world."

Still oblivious to the sure doom that awaited her, Edyta would learn the hard way as Plastic Man performed an unorthodox powerbomb/tombstone piledriver to surprisingly mixed cheers from the crowd.