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FU, Told You So

Hey Everyone, I fucking told you so!

I wrote an FU Corner to that piece of shit OJ Mayo more than a year ago, and what happened?

You guessed it, that fucking low life is caught in a scandal for accepting money while at USC, shocker.  I mean, was the writing on the wall or what?  But wait, I forgot, college coaches are spineless fuckwads.

I hope USC gets probation and loses some scholarships so Tim Floyd can go back to being the useless coach he is.  It was clearly worth recruiting this kid, right Tim, what did you get?  A few nationally televised games, a first round loss to Kansas State and possible sanctions. 

Kudos Mr. Floyd, you did a bang up job, ya fucktard.

Disclaimer:  The author of this article, Big Bad Weiss, also known as BBW, hails from parts unknown and his FU columns are delivered to Hernia Headquarters by a headless horseman. 


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