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Memorable moments: When Mom is in attendance

Allen_iversons_mom_phixrIt seems now more than ever that the Mom is playing a significant role in professional sports, predominantly NBA basketball games.

While the likes of Mama Iverson and Mama Marbury battled for insanity supremacy during the early part of the decade, it’s clear Mama James has now vaulted to the forefront.

In honor of her coming to the aid of her 6’8, 250lb son the other night, the Sports Hernia takes a look back at some of the greatest ‘mom moments’ in recent sports history.

Consider it a belated Mother’s Day gift.

1984 ? Jack Sikma’s mom removed by security after her giant perm blocks entire section sitting behind her.

1986 ? Kevin McHale’s mom walks directly into the paint and hastily shaves her son’s hairy armpits.

1988 ? Rick Mahorn’s mom sneaks onto the court and sets a devastating pick on Sleepy Floyd.

1989 ? Mark Price’s mother rushes to the court to fix her son’s hair after a ticky-tack foul underneath.

1991 ? Bill Laimbeer’s mother joins Barkley and begins whaling on her son during the original and much funnier "Fight Night at the Palace."

1992 ? Seated courtside the Fabulous Mula, almost like a mother to Rodman, trips Scottie Pippen after The Worm sends the fragile-minded forward into the first row.

1995 ? Mutombo’s mom gives the finger wave with custom oversized foam finger to crude group of visiting fans heckling her beloved son.

1996 ? Charles Oakley’s mother strolls to the court during warm-ups and slugs her son in the face; they both laugh.

1999 ? Shawn Bradley’s mom storms court, interrupting a shoving match with Karl Malone to get into a shoving match of her own with her temperamental son.

2000 ? Iverson’s mom blinds opposing team with her bedazzled Sixers jersey, leading to a crucial playoff victory.

2004 ? Ron Artest’s mom runs onto the court and piledrives referee Dick Bavetta after Ron receives 2nd technical foul.

2005 ? Donovan McNabb’s mother douses T.O. with giant can of scalding Campbell’s soup.

2006 ? Eli Manning’s mom rushes the field at Giants Stadium to give her son his bagged lunch.


  1. Melvin

    May 15, 2008 at 8:31 am

    wtf, great compilation man… I like the shawn bradley mom shoving!!!

  2. charlie

    May 15, 2008 at 11:05 am

    Really funny shit. Nice one.

  3. Ricky - Sixers4guidos

    May 23, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    post of the year, Mutombo and Bradley moms are my fav

    btw I would give my year’s salary to see a pic of Sikma’s mom

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