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Tank Johnson inspires pleas from other reputable sources

After reading this headline yesterday, "Tank to Commish: ‘Please, let (Pacman) play’", we immediately dove into our archives to dig up other classic pleas from characters of equal, if not greater honor than Tank Johnson.  Here’s what we found:

  1. Chris Andersen to David Stern:  ‘Don’t punish Joakim’
  2. Andre the Giant to Vince McMahon:  ‘King Kong Bundy smells like roses’
  3. Dave Meggett to Mrs. Kemp:  ‘Shawn’s a one-woman man’
  4. Palmiero to Congress:  ‘I didn’t do steroids’ (oh wait – that happened)
  5. Steve Howe to The Boss:  ‘Coke?  Gooden doesn’t do coke’
  6. Mark Chmura to Colorado judge:  ‘Kobe’s totally innocent’
  7. Najeh Davenport to Chicago jury:  ‘What R. Kelly did was only half wrong’
  8. Gastineau to Mrs. Canseco:  ‘ Jose’s hair looks great, don’t let him change a thing’
  9. O.J. to media:  ‘I am going to find nicole’s killer’ (oh wait, another one that actually happened)
  10. Vick to Deputy Dog:  ‘Those are sporting dogs’
  11. Avery Johnson to Mark Cuban:  ‘Watch what you say, I can fit your entire head in my mouth’
  12. Kurt Warner to Jesus:  ‘You helped Zach Johnson and not me this season?!

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