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The light at the end of the tunnel is clearly Barry Melrose


It’s possible the setup in the studio might have something to do with this, but we’re pretty convinced that this glow, this ray of hope you see, follows ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose wherever he goes.  This magical light that floats around him like friendly clouds is only rivaled by the likes of Elaine’s ex, the Wiz.

Who else could get away with a shirt/tie combination that looks like it should be worn by the person in charge of final negotiations before
entering hell?   

The expression says it all, he might be the only guy to successfully grab the "I’m Keith Hernandez" torch and carry it proudly while maintaining it’s vaunted flame.  It’s no wonder wherever this guy walks, a parade of flying panties follow him like a spastic school of kissing fish.

The hair?  Transcendent.  If there’s a sports wax figure museum, we suspect Barry’s hair would be among the first items on the list to go in.