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Cashman explains “the move” to A-Rod

Cashman:  All right.  On your bed.  You got a headboard?  You’ll need a headboard.

A-Rod:  It’s a race car bed, but yeah, the overhanging windshield is the headboard.

Cashman:  Is it padded?

A-Rod:  The headboard isn’t, but the knees in my pajama pants are.

Cashman:  Good.  It’s Madonna now, right?  How tall is she?

A-Rod:  Five-foot four, and really jacked.  Why?

Cashman:  You can’t have more than a one-foot differential in your heights.  Otherwise, you could really hurt your neck.

A-Rod:  Phew.  I’m 6’3", I just make it.  Bri, I can’t tell ya how much I appreciate this.  Can I involve lipstick?

Cashman:  No.

A-Rod:  What if it’s purple?

Cashman:  You’re drifting again.

A-Rod:  Can I slap my balls out of her hand?

Cashman:  Focus Alex, if you could master this, you’ll never be alone.  Now, the ending is kind of an option.  I use the swirl.  I like the swirl.  I’m comfortable with the swirl.  I feel the swirl is a great capper.  I’ve used the pinch, but I find it a little presumptuous.

A-Rod:  Is it a clockwise swirl?

Cashman:  I prefer clockwise, but it’s not written in stone.


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