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ESPN acknowledges Shea’s greatest baseball moments


While this graphic was displayed during the Mets victory last night,
John Miller said, "most of the great moments at Shea don’t even involve
at all."  Awesome, nice to hear everyone shares the same affinity for
Shea and are
all squeezing in one last massive dump before they take a
wrecking ball to it.

Other great ‘baseball’ moments ESPN excluded:

  • Sometime in 2009 when they demolish the shit out of it
  • In 2000 when fans allegedly threw batteries at John Rocker
  • In 2003 when a plane flew over Shea reportedly carrying the recent Spelling Bee champion
  • In 1986 when everyone played shitfaced and still won
  • In 1985 when Morganna "the Kissing Bandit" jumped onto the field and had sex with Rusty Staub
  • Ben Agbayani bat day – 1999
  • July, 1983 – Tommy Bizzioni defeats Mikey Fritz in legendary Trans-Am drag race in Shea parking lot
  • During the 2002 offseason when a fan broke in and ran the bases naked
  • In 1992 when Pete Sampras beat Andre Agassi in the US Open on the courts next to Shea
  • 1988 – It was just a really nice day out