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ESPN’s TitleTown buzz takes over Chapel Hill


UNC basketball coach Roy Williams can hardly contain himself as ESPN’s TitleTown in Chapel Hill gets off to a blistering start.  That ominous 10-year old directly over his right shoulder is pretty sure he’s died and gone to heaven.  And the old man to the right, well, he just wants to know how the hell he can get around the roped off panel so he can get to his god damn car.



Williams refusal to stop flashing that creepy smile forces concerned parents to begin shielding their children.  The old man, who we should note has a brace on his right hand and a cane in his left hand, is now looking at his watch so as not to miss something, likely that early bird special.  Jesus, even that guy has better shit to do than this.



We move on from Williams to some chick who stole Chyna’s chin and, judging by the look on the dude’s face in the yellow shirt, she’s sporting some major thong poppage.  The poppage can’t be all that impressive though because the guy next to him is so bored and unenthused that he’s decided to give himself a wedgie.  We can’t say we blame him.  And the guy on the right pretending to look innocent thinks he’s fooling everyone by hiding his awkward boner behind that strategically placed fannypack.

Can’t wait for the next stop on the trail.