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Ken Rosensquirrel, frequent pop-up guy


Fox’s Ken Rosensquirrel, former star of Dorf on Golf, continued his frequent jack-in-the-box pop-up antics during last night’s MLB All-Star game, springing from the camera pit to spew various trade reports and rumor mill-type material while generally freaking the hell out of everyone around him, particularly the guy behind him who
chewed on his hand in sheer disbelief.

Rosensquirrel, who stands 2’7" and weighs 32lbs., was equipped with a special tiny Fox microphone along with a special tiny squirrel sportcoat provided by the same company that designed this special tiny life vest for the minuscule reporter when he showed off his water skiing prowess just a few years back.

Later on during the broadcast, the lively announcing duo of Tim McCarver and Joe Buck shared an awkward laugh when Rosensquirrel popped up right between their heads to discuss McCarver’s awful glasses, an impressive feat considering the two were standing so close to one another that it appeared they might Thump N’ Bump.


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