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Mariotti apparently unaware that thousands of newspapers are in this “Web site business”

After intense, thorough research by the investigative branch of the Hernia, we’ve come to learn these crusty, outdated newspapers that now former print columnist Jay Mariotti speaks of, also have accompanying Web sites, some of which resemble their own newspaper; same colors, same logo and amazingly, even the same writers. 

Wow.  We’d like to personally thank Jay for resigning, otherwise we wouldn’t be privy to such interesting, seemingly new information.

But you gotta hand it to the gel-headed, eyebrow-waxed clown for resigning at the perfect time: just days after an all-expense-paid trip to China and two months after signing a three-year contract extension.

Time to hang with Grossman and wax eyebrows together?  And of course, eat more cheeseburgers.

 Controversial columnist Jay Mariotti resigns from Chicago Sun-Times (Chicago Tribune)