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Report: Craig Sager kicked out of Olympics for wearing weapons-grade plutonium powered suit

(BEIJING, CHINA) — Longtime NBA sideline reporter, Craig Sager, was thrown out of the Olympic Village, and China altogether, early Sunday morning after security guard dogs picked up traces of weapons-grade plutonium emanating from his controversial "Electric Suit of Destiny" (seen here during 2007 NBA All-Star game).

This isn’t the first time Sager’s flashy, and literally electric, attire has caused problems.  A look back of at some of his more dubious moments:

1995: The normally clutch Nick Anderson misses 4 straight free-throws at the end of Game 1 of the Finals, leading to a Magic collapse.  It would later be revealed that Anderson was temporarily blinded by Sager’s strobe-light jacket.

1998: Sager accidentally gives a high voltage shock to a sweaty Knicks City Dancer as she prances off the floor. She would awaken from her coma 6 months later.

2004: Sager ruins surprise party for Charles Barkley as Sir Charles spots Sager’s ‘neon christmas-light’ suit blinking in the window from the bottom of his driveway.

2007: Sager causes massive Las Vegas black-out as he plugs in his suit for the Rookies-Sophomores game.