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Some charlatan has stolen a Hernia


With fantasy football drafts taking place this week and the beginning of next, we thought it might be fun to do a followup to our "Essential Fantasy Football Draft Tips" post.  Sounds like the next logical thing to do, right? 

Well about five minutes after this was decided, we ran into this lovely post on some shitdick blog called "Rejected Reality," which we quickly learned couldn?t be more aptly named considering the accompanying photo we found in the ‘Know Me Better‘ section. 

Anyway, seconds after seeing this, like retarded synchronized divers, we all shouted in unison, "Some charlatan has stolen a Hernia.  Quick, to the archives!" — with everyone of course doing their best Peterman ‘fighting for the honor of Ziggy’ impression.

It was quickly confirmed that the suave maestro strategically pulling the strings behind that grand site took our material and just re-posted it in it’s entirety on his own blog four days after we originally posted it on the Hernia, as if it were written by himself. 

And get this, he STOLE FROM OUR COMMENTERS too, adding a handful of their comments from our post to the last portion of his post.  Speechless. 

At first we thought he may have just forgotten to link it, but after discovering the addition of the comments, it’s clear this guy just blows.

What we do love is that he also listed the post in his ‘Simply the Best’ category that appears on the right sidebar.  Yes, he’s very proud of that work.  Pathetic.

So in closing, you portly, dusty-sacked virgin, we wholeheartedly implore you to get porked by Porky Pig you unoriginal mother fucker.  Stay fucked.