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Kruk?s hair rises to the occasion under October spotlight


We?ve seen a lot from from Krukie and his hair over the past year and change, but it looks like our buddy?s buddy has taken a cue from Manny Ramirez and found that rare zone under circumstances where the stakes couldn?t possibly get any higher — October baseball.

Has the presence of his beloved Phillies caused this latest flowing masterpiece?  Or could it be the absence of unforgiving wind gusts in Tampa’s air-controlled dome?  Or is it that his hair has been playing possum all season long, knowing full well Kruk would make it to the October stage, and has waited for this very moment to pounce on America like Superfly Snuka?

Whatever it is… actually, what the hell is it?  Here are some guesses, but feel free to chime in with what you might call the look you see here:

  • Poindexter up front, Chewbacca in the back
  • Beertini up front, keg of moonshine in the back
  • Danny Zuko up front, King Slender in the back
  • Brown Twizzlers up front, hairy marshmallows in the back
  • Class picture up front, Smokin’ in the boys room in the back
  • 1998 Steve Phillips up front, revolting inmates in the back


Kruk’s checkered hair history in chronological order:

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