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The latest risqu? sports celebrity sightings

It's been awhile since our first installment of this feature, but it will be happening on a more regular basis now. 

Our crafty Hernia mole was once again able to get his hands on some highly sought after photographs of some of the world's most relevant sports figures. 

Take a look…


Mitch Albom caught by cameras taking a break from mailing in columns to spy on some neighborhood babes.  Fantastic approach Mitch, you're seconds away from replacing that untamed beast in the middle.



An aloof Stephen A. Smith was spotted street performing for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Our spy says Smith staunchly refused to play anything but the catchy theme to Mr. Belvedere.



Former standout center for Philadelphia, Shawn Bradley was spotted inside Tetris amazingly wearing his old Sixers uniform.  Bradley reportedly got into a shoving match with the purple 'L' (top right) and forced his way into being sent down first.  The game user hoped Bradley would serve as the thin, tall block that could achieve the next level.  Unfortunately, several misguided NBA teams had thought that same thing.  Bradley however was credited with scoring the first line but it proved to be costly as his legs vanished.



Once a player, always a player.  Jeff Van Gundy seen here sitting soaking up the fleshy fun at the Playboy Mansion for Mike Fratello's "Fuck it, it's October" party.