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The GARV is back for more Jets football

Let us start off by expressing our sincere apologies that it took us this far into the 2008 football season to catch up with our pal and yours, The GARV.  We’re actually kinda shocked we temporarily forgot about this guy.  Nonetheless, he’s back.  And surprisingly, he’s excited about Jets Brett football.

In his first entry of the season, GARV reminds us he still only dreams of Chad Pennington.  And as expected, he gets emotional discussing his bond with the Chudster.  The highlight for us, aside from the crumpled up Pennington poster in the background, comes when GARV explains that this video is about "welcoming Brett Favre into the bosom of the New York Jets fan."  (Not shown are the number 4’s painted on the GARV’s breasts.)  He also sees synergy between Brett and Jet, and GARV and Favre.  Yup, it’s quite clear the GARV has blasted out of the gates in 2008.

In just his second and sadly most recent video of the season, Brett GARV, as he mistakenly calls himself because of their "similar play in the pocket", uses algorithms to predict the Jets will score 211 points.  Speechless.

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  1. Von Kaiser

    October 23, 2008 at 10:54 am

    Does he have the Pennington poster in multiple rooms, or is it setup differently so as to make it appear GARV lives in some exotic, albeit very plain, mansion.

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