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Joe Sports Fan Presents: Listen Up. We’re All Techy and Stuff…

Quick Hernia note:  Let us preface this one by saying we suck and aren't nearly as technologically inclined as these bold mustachians.  What a bonus, now you can pretend your laughing at your boss's cliche office jokes when you're really laughing at Neg-Burns.  You should probably download it.  Now. 

As for us, our stone age skywriting and unhip MySpace page will have to do for the time being.

Joe_sports_fan_logo_phixr_2_2By Joe Mustache

Joe Mustache here.  It's been awhile since we last chatted, but I'm
like a freakin' holiday telegram – every time I drop by, you know I've
got something good to say.

In an attempt to grab ahold of this whole "digital generation", I've
spread my seed across many great social networking realms.  That
sounded hot.  Mom would be proud.

Here goes.

First off, is now mobile-device compliant.  Here's a sampling from the iPhone:


Same hilarious content, only formatted for you douchebags who think
they're important enough to never be away from the internet.  But,
they're our douchebags…and we value their friendship.

My people can also now be seen on Facebook and Twitter – meaning you
can get daily nuggets of information from them.  You can find more
information below.

– Join our "fan page" by clicking on this link
One central locations for JSF'ers just like you.  In a way, it's a
little scary.  On the other hand, if you see a JSF'er that tickles your
love interest – you have an immediate ice breaker.  "So, you like
JoeSportsFan?" you'll say.  Sparks will fly, romances will ensue.

– For those not "in the know," Twitter is basically a mini blog.  Subscribe to our Twitter feed (click here),
and you'll be updated throughout the day when we publish new
content…or when random thoughts pop into our heads.  I know, I know. 
Just what you always wanted.  Well, consider it an early Christmas


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One Comment

  1. kevin

    November 13, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Cut to the chase guys. When is the Hernia/JSF sports channel launching?

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