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Joe Sports Fan Presents: The Next Big Thing at JSF…


By The JoeSportsFan Staff

It's not easy staying on the cutting edge when it comes to celebrating the absurdity of sports.  For the love of god, over the weekend, the scrolling banner on ESPN had a headline that read "Plaxico Burress shoots self; injuries not life-threatening".

Basically what we're saying is that when you make it your goal to mock the absurdity of sports, you better be ready to tackle absolutely anything because it's not getting any more normal out there.

At, we like to think of ourselves as somewhat progressive.  While we don't really have the money or the dedicated resources of our mainstream cohorts, we certainly don't suffer from a lack of motivation when it comes to finding new ways to do what we do.

With that in mind, today we make our first foray into a new and unlimited medium – the world of video.  We've filled the JSF studios with shiny, new camera equipment, glued on a fake mustache and then let Sebek run wild with the editing software.  The result is a little behind the scenes look at what may be the next big thing for video game giant Electronic Arts…

(some language NSFW)

Spread the word to anyone and everyone who you think may enjoy this most recent take on the phenomenon known as Softball Guy. Lord knows we've all seen Softball Guy in the wild, we might as well enjoy him from the comforts of our computer screen.

And keep your eyes peeled for the official launch of The JoeSportsFan Show right here on the web.

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