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Former Barbaro jockey eager to mount dead horse?s brother

Edgar Prado, the jockey who rode Barbaro, is set to ride his former horse?s brother Nicanor when it races for the first time this weekend or next, trainer Michael Matz said.  Prado, a pint-sized fiend for the fast life, seems particularly jazzed to mount anything related to Barbaro, who he once referred to as ?the best trip of my life.?

?Hey listen, I've had a lot of amazing rides in this life, from my 1974 Mini Cooper to my neighbor's greyhound to Grace Jones,? Prado said.  ?But once I hopped on Barbaro, everything else paled in comparison.  Since he went down two years ago, life has crawled to a trot; flowers don?t smell the same.  Even cocaine and diuretics bore me now.  I just pray Nicanor can reignite the fire between these tiny thighs.?

?By the way,? Prado whispered, ?do you have any military connections?  I?ve always wanted to mount a SCUD missile or torpedo.  What about a boat?  I?d love to hop on a seahorse.?

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  1. Funny Cide

    January 29, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    The Alex Brown Horse Forum will be hearing about this, you can count on it.

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