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Hernia NBA prospect Chiekh Samb finally arrives

Well, after seeing that, our initial scouting report is looking pretty damn good.  From June 19th:

"Doesn't quite understand the game, is unsure he's playing basketball, does not know where he is and is not happy to be there.  Also dislikes photographers.  A much less physical Manute Bol.  Lacks shoulders, as arms are duct-taped to torso, making shot blocking ability even more impressive.  Would like to be left alone."

It's now clear the photographer hate has everything to do with being posterized.  The only thing we really missed there was "… believed to have starred in Ghostbusters II."

In light on this tremendous video, we'd like to announce that we've waived our traditional 46-year waiting period and will induct Chiekh Samb into the Hernia Hall of Fame immediately.  He will adorn a customary ceremonial Sikma wig during the induction, which will conveniently take place during the Super Bowl.


Current members of the Hernia Hall of Fame (in ass-pulling order):

Keith Hernandez's Mustache

Jack Wayne Sikma

Manute Bol

One Comment

  1. KingsFan

    January 29, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Yeah, that has to be Ernie Hudson. Chiekh Samb sounds made up anyway.

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