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Jeff Reed rolls into Media Day with old gang

Jeff reed is a troll_phixr

Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Jeff Reed and his colorful entourage plowed into Raymond James Stadium earlier today, shaking things up during an otherwise nondescript Super bowl media day.  According to multiple sources at the scene, Reed's gang was predictably rowdy, with some members of his crew harassing and teasing members of the press, and at times even messing up their note-taking by hopping on the back of their pencils.

The entertaining stay was short-lived though, as Reed and company were last seen sailing the Buccaneers famed pirate ship to Mons Venus, a popular Tampa area strip club.

ESPN's Chris Berman, who had dropped everything in hopes of boarding the mammoth vessel, was sadly left behind after a piss-poor attempt at Reed's patented "vanilla swirl, wind tunnel" frizz.

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  1. tamtam

    January 28, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    what an alien-he blends right in!

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