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Joe Sports Fan Presents: The JoeSportsFan Radio Show

Joe_sports_fan_logo_phixr_2_2By The JoeSportsFan Staff

Tuesday night, the Thursday tradition unlike any other – otherwise known as The JoeSportsFan Show went live for two hours of sports radio power.  Yes, it was a Tuesday, but it's all gravy because we're happy to inform all that you can still watch and listen to the show. While none of us eat like a man from the hearty menu of Nutrisystem, we do celebrate absurdity and hope you're entertained.


All past greatness seen on this very site from those Red Roosters at JSF can be found right here.

Bookmark 'em, subscribe to their feed, play high stakes poker with them, make an O-Facewhatever — just do something you inconsiderate pricks.

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