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Startling images from around the NBA (Part V)

Once again, it's time for another look at some of the more animated action often seen around the NBA throughout its short twenty-seven eight month season.  If you come across something funny, by all means, send it on in…

Behold, the greatest defensive scheme you will ever see.


Then again, it is Anthony Johnson.



Mark Cuban predictably reveals his penis size to an intrigued Dahntay Jones, while Chauncey Billups falls into a trance after spotting impressive juggs on the JumboTron.



Andrew Bynum attacks Yao Ming, who inexplicably finds this whole thing to be hilarious.



Point guard Randy Foye celebrates with a surprisingly enthusiastic 12-year old Timberwolves fan.



Just inches away from converting on an impressive drive to the hole, Nenad Krsti? suddenly loses any and all semblance of what was once his self-pride.


Ryan Anderson Nets

After seeing The Cable Guy on Starz the night before, Nets forward Ryan Anderson experiences a Chip Douglas glory moment of his own.  Now bow to his greatness. 


Hawks coach Mike Woodson 

Hawks coach Mike Woodson just can't look away after spotting former Ted DiBiase point man, Virgil sitting across the way in the front row.


Mikki Moore 

Mikki Moore shows signs of life on the bench after a "show your tits" chant breaks out during an otherwise boring Kings game. 


Rondo ET 

Rondo momentarily departs his Son of Plastic Man persona and imagines himself as E.T. sitting at the front of Elliot's bicycle.



Mike Dunleavy seen here going for the silky smooth finger-roll an estimated 18-feet too soon.


Jamal Crawford 

Jamal Crawford continues to be absolutely terrified beyond belief.


Tim Duncan's Globetrotter vogue move 

Tim Duncan confuses young Andrew Bynum with his 'En Vogue-behind the neck-fake to the right' glamour pass. 


Francisco Garcia_Anthony Morrow

Francisco Garcia and Anthony Morrow embrace after discussing the Curious Case of Donald Nelson.


Glen Davis 

Simply out of ideas at this point, Glen 'Big Baby' Davis closes his eyes and just hopes for the best.


Mass confusion 

Mass confusion strikes living legend Jeff Foster, who's apparently terrified of being stung by the ball. 


Nip slip 

Travis Outlaw becomes the latest victim of a ravaging nip slip.  Much to everyone's surprise, there was nothing to read on his chest.