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At long last, 50 Cent addresses controversies of the sports world


Not since Jumbo Elliot appeared on "Meet The Press" has there been a more significant, worthwhile appearance on live television than when rapper 50 Cent spent a little quality time with ESPN News yesterday.

The Jamaica, Queens native expectedly wowed viewers with ultra-fresh opinions on the likes of A-Rod, Plaxico Burress, sports figures giving money back, where he normally purchases his own steroids, Cousin Yuri, Uncle Mustache, and "gettin' that cheese, yo." 

As insightful as the Lil Wayne-Skip Bayless chat?  Possibly.

The poignant spot had producers spooging in their khaki's and unclipping cell phones from their fat hips, so don't be surprised to see the emotional rapper crying in Roy Firestone's lap or answering questions on The Budweiser CockSeat in the near future.

Click the image below to see the video: