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The combover’s bold new rival shows up at Cameron Indoor Stadium

Unprecedented Combover
(click to enlarge the masterpiece)

We don't even know where to begin here.  Is this truly what's next?  Is the combover movement rebelling against society and actually moving backwards?  Or in this incredible case, fanned forward? 

We're guessing Jim Gaffigan's innocent combover gag is probably what, six months away from gracing civilization, tops?

It looks like this guy was blindsided by a miniature lawnmower that cruised across the middle of his head and continued right down the back of his jacket for a clean getaway.

It also looks a helluva lot like this universal Truck & Bus Wash Brush.

So what do we call this thing? 

The "Car Wash Brush Comb-Forward"? 

The "Pat Riley/Caesar Mash-Up"?

The "Steve Lavin/Caesar's Rats Nest Standoff"?