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Favre merchandise clearance sparks other enticing discounts

The New York Jets subtle "Brett Favre 50% Off Everything!!!" sale set the internet ablaze yesterday as surely anyone who ever watched a game of football snatched up a Favre throwback jersey, a must-have Brett figurine, a truly pathetic "#4 Favre" hat, or hell, even a set of Jets branded Crocs.

To no surprise, it only took a few hours before for the rest of the sports merchandising world caught on and offered saliva-inducing discounts of their own. 

Here are some of the treasures we discovered in our quest for the ultimate sports gear.



Can't go wrong here with Kurt Rambis.  Perfect last minute Valentine's Day gift for your lady friend.  Free ski goggles and embarrassing wig with purchase.



Nothing beats a wrinkled, youth small Bryant Reeves jersey.  Wildly popular at funerals.



Jay Fiedler signed replica Dolphins helmet.  Consider wearing this badboy to your next 8-Minute Dating adventure.



Evvvverbody's wearing these in Mordor.  Plus, at 278% off, they pay you!



You heard 'em, pal, take this shit!  But if you don't shatter at least two limbs while putting this one on, send this shit back.



Like you haven't already tried to order a Shawn Bradley Wingdings jersey from  Plastic hanger strangely included.