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Startling images from around the NBA: All-Star Edition

Once again, it's time for another look at some of the more animated action often seen around the NBA throughout its short twenty-seven eight month season.  If you come across something funny, by all means, send it on in

Behold, the greatest All-Star Celebrity game ever.


Shortly before for it all comes to an end, Stuart Scott, T.O., Curly from the Globetrotters and Ronald McDonald gather for a picture.



Rick Fox gushes to Dr. J and a couple Globetrotters about his first rape scene in Oz.



T.O. emerges from the locker room not realizing he's still wearing his trusty ass-spelunking gear.



An exhausted 43-year old Dan Majerle learns on the fly the challenges of playing extremely hungover.



Dikembe Mutombo leans in to tell Cindy McCain, "Arggdargfff Harghmargsldfakl Cookie Baerrggdargfff."



Chris Paul and Yao Ming pose for a promo shot while the Rockets center playfully yells Sloth's infamous "Hey.. You.. Guys!!" line from the Goonies.



Tim Duncan flaunts one of his finest attributes: unfiltered spontaneity.



Dikembe Mutombo and Bill Russell spotted together shortly before handing out wedgies to every lame celebrity inside U.S. Airways Center.  It would prove to be a long night for the tireless big men.



The true master of his own domain, A.C. Green!!



Devin Harris does his best mash-up impersonation of Ludacris and a bumblebee.


Terrell Owens 

No one was more excited than T.O. about the prospect of converting a finger roll in front of the great Julius Erving.


Dwayne Wade All-Star Coach_phixr

Little Craig Sager pops up on the screen to suggest Dwyane Wade attach a live cheetah to his jacket in order to compliment the gold accents in his bow tie.



Eva Longoria climaxes after sniffing the $960,000 worth of jewelry of the hand and wrist of rapper Ludacris.



Shaq's wang wishes his longtime pal good luck before The Big Cactus' now infamous dance performance with the Jabberwockeez.



LeBron lets one lucky fan test his other Big Apple product.



David Stern reminds us all that for every happy Ken Rosensquirrel, there's always a miserable little rodent lurking around the corner.



Shaq, the Phoenix Gorilla and the Orlando Magic's mascot pose with three insufferable douchebags.


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