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Columnists you know you want to party with: ESPN edition

With spring nearly upon us, what better way to return to outdoor drinking than by introducing you to more columnists/bar-room-showmen that you just know you wanna party with.  This edition focuses strictly on a bunch of heartbreakers up in Bristol.


Brian Doogan

Brian Doogan?  More like Brian Dahmer, but instead of eating your heart, he'll just break it.  Oh, don't be bashful ladies, that exposed woody is there for flattery.


Ed Hinton

Ed's just real simple and real real.  The man is so intoxicated by round booty that his head literally might explode at any moment.  Ed's dream is to one day to get lost forever in some comfy cleavage.


George Kimball

George Kimball, also known as the Unabomber to neighboring cellmates – because of his looks and his one nut – is the first imprisoned sex offender with a mainstream column.  As you might imagine, this crafty gigolo still finds a way to get that coveted weekend pass. 


Graham Hays

Graham Hays is a former R.A. at Shippensburg University.  Graham is pretty bored and looking for some 'tang, so he writes about women's hoops.  He's quite certain the ringer t-shirt on top of an undershirt look will blow
your mind.


Kyle Whelliston

Legend has it that expert poonplower Kyle Whelliston is so cocky he once shaved "U Know U Want Me" into his beard.  He's way into one-bid conferences, and one-boink ladies.


Thomas Hauser

Typical Thomas Hauser conversation with intern:
"Oh, hey, let me
show you some pictures from my vacation in the Dominican.  Sooo, here's me snorkeling, and here's me… Oh, WOW!  Whoops… didn't even realize those pics were on this computer, I swear.  Wow, how embarrassing… so you wanna see more?  By the way, people say I look like Dennis Kucinich which I guess is kind
of weird since his wife used to stalk me."


Marty Smith

Marty Smith has driven the intern Bang Bus more times than his bosses would like to count.  Well known around the ESPN campus for legendary naked pull-ups duels with Skip Bayless.


Marc Stein

Marc Stein is as annoying as he looks, but his connections are as deep as his nostril canals, so stay close.  If you're looking at him and saying, "he probably says Neosporin in the most irritating way possible," you'd probably be right.


John Hollinger ESPN

Ladies, if you're getting this stare, it's a safe bet John Hollinger digs your tits.


Dan RafaelIf you were commonly mistaken for a husky version of Bill Wennington with a splash of Mike Gmisnki, you'd be smiling too.