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ESPN hockey analyst E.J. Hradek apparently holding self hostage

First it was the morbid, haunting footage from hockey analyst Scott Burnside.  Now, in the latest of ESPN's serial killer-themed hockey installments, it's the disturbing video entry from analyst E.J. Hradek.

Hradek, who could easily be mistaken for the top of a Pez dispenser, is clearly holding the camera himself and from start to finish, it appears as if he's constantly on the verge of falling out of the shot at any moment, but willing himself to finish so as not to pay the steep, mysterious price.

In the next couple weeks, don't be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night to a pantsless Hradek holding a candle and whispering his blog entry into a tiny camcorder.

And if you're not creeped out enough already, here's Hradek:


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