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The Rangers’ Paul Mara…


… will soon instruct his beard to attack John Giannone.

… looks like someone transplanted Chewbacca's ass on his face.

… was actually Bruce Sutter before he shaved his head.

… could sure use some quality time with the goalie from Slap Shot.

… has scared our nipples right off our chests.

… is halfway through "The Fugitive".

… wants to party with those hairballs from Maury Povich.

… is no longer able to speak because the weight of the beard is too great.

… played the title role in "Harry and the Henderson's", except he slugs Lithgow in the closing scene.

… is smuggling extra stick tape in his beard a la Captain Caveman.

… thinks Kevin Youkilis' beard is the Yugo of facial hair.


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