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At long last, Adam Morrison can finally sit back and let the memories marinade


In exchange for those snazzy Ray-Bans, Adam Morrison gave us a peek into his horrifying diary:

"Hey diary, remember when I had long hair?  Of course you do, I included
a lock of it between your pages.  Hilarious, man.  Look at me now!  Some blog even compared me to Johnny Depp.  Man, what a whirlwind, wild ride it's been.  Finally time to put on some Kings of Leon and think about what really happened this season.  I mean, what really happened this season.  Charlotte to L.A. to hanging with my bros on a jet as World Champions…"

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  1. Sports Tsar

    June 18, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    Also note the douchey Poker player glasses Farmar is sporting.

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