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Before the World Ends, Someone Will Tweet About It

Twitter continues to spoil everything


The Minnesota Timberwolves officially announced that Kevin
McHale would not return as coach.  The
announcement comes as a surprise to no one since T-Wolves forward Kevin Love
twittered Wednesday that McHale wouldn?t be back.

It?s just the latest example of twits or tweets or twats or
whatever-the-fuck-they?re-called leaking news, for good or bad.  Here are some others:

  • Sosa's shrunken nuts tweet MLB about steroid abuse
  • Fetus of JJ Wang notifies expecting parents via twitter that he will be a boy
  • Upset stomach tweets man?s friends about impending vomit
  • Bee tweets woman with allergy that it will sting her
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.?s rib tweets Golden Boy about injury
  • Lions tweet 2010 No. Draft Pick
  • Jesus tweets about upcoming apocalypse, ruining Four
    Horsemen's arrival

One Comment

  1. Zen Wizard

    June 17, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Grassley tweeting Obama certainly took the cake.

    Doesn’t anyone just TELL SOMEBODY something nowadays? I mean how hard is that?

    These twits I am thinking are really passive agressive guys who don’t have the ‘nads to tell people off face to face in real life…like somebody who anonymously posts on sports blogs, and…oh wait…

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