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Self-promotion: Hernia makes historic 2nd appearance on Joe Sports Fan show

Jsf-show-060209 This week we were once again welcomed to the Joe Sports Fan show by jovial co-hosts Matt Sebek and Josh Bacott to take part in their "Wiffle Ball" segment, which is really the closest thing to an electronic Congo line that you'll ever find.

Joined by Ethan Jaynes of NESW Sports, many hot buttons of the sports world were discussed including David Eckstein's race car bed, time traveling, horrifying sports sequels and a Battle Royal featuring MLB managers.

You can get the episode over at JSF or listen to show directly, right here

Yes, that highly arrogant gentleman in the photo (left) is among the Hernia bigwigs.  And yes, he owns a pair of bedazzled Blublockers.

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  1. birds

    June 10, 2009 at 2:54 am

    Tim, I still think you’re handsome as hell.


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