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Clippers to openly play poker on sideline once Iverson signs

Clippers focused When Allen Iverson finally inks a deal with the Clips, and we know he will, expect for him, Baron Davis and Ricky Davis to spend the majority of their season consumed on the sideline by a vast assortment of strippers, poker chips and SuperSoakers, all while arrogantly using the court as an ashtray for their $150 cigars.

A possible added bonus will be when Mike Dunleavy finally decides to swap his killer stonewashed Levi’s/loafers combo for Davis’ Swingers outfit.

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  1. KneeJerkNBA

    July 20, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Kind of feeling Baron’s look. Dunleavy’s Mom Jeans? Not so much.

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