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MLB All-Star Game Commercials: Where Crap-on-a-Stick Happens

Astonishingly, after the pitch for this All-Star game commercial was made, actual executives from both Fox and MLB, with frighteningly real power, shouted "precisely!" in unison.  The following is what that mouthwatering pitch likely entailed:

"I want you to close your eyes and picture the scene with me.  Derek Jeter and Ryan Howard will be innocently standing there at first base when the St. Louis Arch will come out of nowhere and suddenly pull them into the air as it's miraculously become … a flying magnet!  A magnet that will obviously be guided by the gentle hand of God, since Cardinals All-Star Albert Pujols can summon him at any time.  The blessed arch will of course only magnetize popular All-Stars, giving them a free ride with exquisite views, accompanied by soothing commentary from God, while the likes of Ryan Theriot will be forced to run to St. Louis.  The magical Arch will then scoop up lucky fans along the way who will excitedly text their friends while attached to said magnet!  Then, God will dump everyone into Busch Stadium and put the Arch back in it's rightful place while Mr. Pujols casually gazes in approval."

Without a doubt, these Fox executives had to be prominently involved.

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