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Source: Favre’s behavior has been a developing pattern

Favre-Retired Earlier this morning we spoke with one of Brett Favre's closest and most trusted contacts at Wrangler jeans to get some more information on the QB's un-re-unretirement.

While we left more confused about reasons behind his decision, here's what we did learn:

Favre got pumped for the U.S. World Cup Qualifier match by donning a Mexico jersey.

Favre raved about the Yankees' rise to 1st while wearing a Red Sox cap.

Favre recently revealed he's a hardcore homophobe, then fucked some dude in the butt.

Favre once said he had Sting's back, then spray painted "#4 Wuz Here" on his back.

Favre announced to friends he's a vegetarian as he scarfed down a bleeding bison burger.

Favre converted to Mormonism while chugging a Red Bull Vodka and keeping just one wife.

Favre claims he's now an Orthodox Jew but can't stop talking about that bacon sandwich he had on Saturday.

Favre said his favorite video game character will always be Mario, while wearing green overalls.

Favre discussed his difficulty to get a hard-on while enjoying a flawless masturbation session.

Favre pledged his undying allegiance to Voltron while driving Optimus Prime and reminiscing about Gobots.

Favre will continue to keep throwing [Pro Football Talk]

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  1. birds

    July 30, 2009 at 10:28 am

    …raved about how good your mom was in bed while holding hands with your dad

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