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Travis Johnson goes under the knife in the name of the Hernia

Travis Henry Sports Hernia

Despite no recommendations from doctors to have surgery, Houston Texans DT Travis Johnson elected to go under the knife in a daring show of support for The Sports Hernia.

We drink a Bonds-sized helmet full of beer for you, Travis.

[Via Florio @ ProFootballTalk]

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  1. Rip Jersey

    July 24, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    The true story about Travis Johnson’s hernia operation:

    Just so happens, Johnson?s doctor was a big Texans fan. When the doctor opened Johnson?s testis and took the balls out, he put them on a table for safe keeping. At the end of the operation he asked the nurse for the balls so he could put them back in the pouch. She said she couldn?t find them and after a quick search turned up nothing, the doctor asked the nurse to get two small onions from his lunch box, since he couldn?t leave Johnson?s testis pouch empty! A couple days later, Johnson came in for a check-up. The doctor asked Johnson how he was feeling. Johnson said ?Doc, everything is fine, life is cool?except for one thing. Whenever I scratch my balls, my eyes start watering!? And, the doctor said, “Now you know how I feel EVERY TIME I WATCH YOU PLAY!!!

    big fan, he was?

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