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Self-promotion: More turnbuckle chewing on the JoeSportsFan show

JSF_Hernia_Blood_Booze This week we were once again welcomed to the Joe Sports Fan show by dapper co-hosts Matt Sebek and Josh Bacott to take part in their Wiffle Ball segment, which is really the closest thing to an electronic hoedown that you'll ever find on the internet.

Joined by the graceful Stephen Douglas of Blood, Booze and Bruises, many pressing issues were discussed including "People most likely to slug Brett Favre in the teeth," on-field athlete meltdowns and Kenny Loggins.

You can get the episode over at JSF or listen to the magic directly, right here.

Yes, that highly arrogant gentleman in the photo is among the Hernia bigwigs.  And yes, he dreams in Wingdings.

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