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Source: Tom Cable punched Randy Hanson shortly after seeing this photo


Source #2: I punched Randy when I found out his name was Randy.

Source #3: I’ve got lumps in my stool prettier than this guy.

Source #4: I’d beat up Randy Hanson before I beat up Zac Hanson.

Source #5: Randy’s brothers don’t play hockey by any chance, do they?

Source #6: Was Tom Cable a stand-in for Tugboat?

Source #7: I literally wouldn’t be able to wrap my arms around Tom Cable’s neck.

Source #8: I bet Tom Cable punches people by accident with his tits.

Source #9: Randy should’ve struck first with a giant ham hock.

Source #10: Is anyone reading this without pants?

Source #11: Did you mean to ask if anyone was reading this without getting randy?

Coach Cable Not Talking About Alleged Fight [NBC Bay Area]

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  1. Doyle

    August 18, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    Hanson’s rage is screaming “kiss my dick” there.

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