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NY Post’s site redesign goes for sentimental 1940s locket look

The New York Post recently redesigned their website and for the most part, we've learned the articles are easier to find and navigating the site is an overall smoother experience.  However, we discovered one unexpected bonus over on their sports page where each writer is eloquently photographed in a timeless, black and white motif. 

It's almost as if these fatherly scribes are prepared to hand over a Werther's Original candy at a moment's notice for those of us that prove to exhibit good, decent behavior.


Fun facts:

This photo originally appeared on Mushnick's "1943 New York Post internal sports media columnist of the year" plaque.

In 1951, Mushnick began covering the original New York Cosmos, a softball team
captained by Sterling Cooper's emerging cleanup man, Don Draper.

Known by most in the news room as Mushed Dick.



Fun facts:

Steve Serby gave 17-year old Wally Cleaver a noogie while this photo was being taken.

Even in 1945, Serby's "vanilla swirl" hair explosion was widely considered an embarrassment.



Fun facts:

Kevin Kernan actually baptized Billy the Kid.

After horrifying results in focus groups, mass produced Kernan lockets were turned into non-descript silver wang charms.


  1. Bob's Blitz

    September 8, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Steve Serby has a man-crush on Antonio Pierce and enjoys lockers.

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