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New York Post predictably eases into World Series coverage

NY-Post-Shane-Victorino The second sentence of the article that goes with the Victorino photoshop job goes like this:

“The Yankees are going to make Philly cream cheese out of them,” a confident Tommy Bayoikos, 44, predicted yesterday in Midtown.

Tommy, if it said you were 16 years old, this might make sense. You’re 44, please do us all a favor and violently tase yourself. 


Since the New York Post already has Victorino in a skirt and we’re still a day away from the World Series even beginning, expect Cole Hamels to be wearing a dominatrix outfit by Thursday and for a touching “Chase Utley has more road beef than all of Metallica but might be bisexual” feel-good story by Friday.

The Frillies are coming to town! [NY Post]


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