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NY Rangers Legend Ron Duguay…

Ron duguay chest hair explosion

… is an actual man-rooster.

… is one of 3 men on Earth capable of doing sign language with his chest hair.

… is wondering why he dressed up for a hockey show, no one is watching this.

… should be on Melrose Place.

… has signed your wife's cleavage with a Sharpie (and his dong).

… just ripped the first chest hair fart in history.

… is saying to every vampire out there, "come and get me, I dare you."

… literally rides a white horse that he made to look like a unicorn to MSG studios.

… will somehow find a way to use his nipples to break down the Rangers power-play.

… can only describe with his chest how great it is to be Ron Duguay.

Ron duguay ranger legend and chest hair whisperer

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