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The Sports Hernia Show – Episode 11

JSF-Radio-SportsHerniaShow After a controversial staff revolt, The Sports Hernia Show has returned to ring in the new year with a few 2010 predictions that predictably go awry. 

The mere thought of some of the potential Super Bowl match-ups had us wondering what the ultimate jerkoff showdown might be, as well as to why Norv Turner refuses to endorse Pro Activ Solution.  A scary look into the Gilbert Arenas card game shootout had us wondering what ever happened to solitaire, how there isn't a skit called "Oakley Don't Play That," and the inevitable and emotional pleas for Bron-Bron to come to New York.

Following brief looks at MLB and the NHL, it's an absolute must to take in our top moments of the decade.  The key words for that one are A.C. GREEN.

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  1. Dick Bavetta's Sagging Tits

    January 8, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Good call on the possible Jets-Vikings jerk fest.

    If that happens, just cancel the damn Superbowl, and cut away live to Olympic curling qualifiers. Fuck.

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