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Announcing 1st Ever Hernia Contest Giveaway, Sponsored by Dick Towel

Dicktowel_120X240c Since many of you are getting through the day with the aid of a Jets drinking helmet, much like we are, we'll make this rather straightforward: 

Fill in the blank below and the best response in the comments by end of day today wins a FREE Dick Towel, compliments of
the guys over at

Hernia Hero Mike Francesa drinks gallons of Diet Coke because __________.

Doesn't need to be a one word answer, so feel free to throw on your sacred Gary and Wyatt thinking caps.

UPDATE: Enduro, who regularly brings the pain in his own right, has won with this thoughtful gem:

"… because fucking the pain away just wouldn't be good for ratings."

Enduro, just shoot us an email with your info and we'll get you your new beach towel.


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