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Breaking: Doug Collins and JaMarcus Russell not on same page

When Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell goes out for a night on the town, he apparently accessorizes the shit out of himself.  Amazingly, TNT announcers Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins cannot relate, which is somewhat surprising since Collins doesn't go anywhere without his gold and diamond studded Max Headroom chain.

As for Russell's subtly accented necklace, it would be a hell of a lot cooler if he replaced little JaMarcus with a Tim Brown Starting Lineup action figure.

UPDATE: The video has already been removed.  In lieu of admiring JaMarcus's accessories, we bring you Doug Collins with a mustache.

UPDATE AGAIN: The tireless Bob's Blitz has found the previously removed video.  Victory is everyone's.

Russell Spending His Money Wisely [Thunder Treats]


  1. Paolo X

    February 3, 2010 at 7:04 am

    In the days of Neon Deion not long ago, one proved oneself on the field before flashing it like that in public.

    Right on to Collins for calling Russell’s lame-ass out, and horseshit to all the ESPN types who defended Russell to remain a starter after his consistently woeful performances before even this season when had it been Ryan Leaf he would have been rightly decried. Cheesy porn moustache with the gold chain in the day for Collins though and as for other than Bingo Smith’s ‘fro-smile combination, I don’t know about him.

    These are some of the same types who defend even the likes of Jason Campbell to this day.

    After three or more seasons in the NFL, if a high draft pick at QB is not a solid starting quarterback, the chips should be way, way down until something changes drastically with high odds against them.

    Otherwise I call it the reactionary Limbaugh Bias of last decade in the sports media given Limbaugh’s racist remarks on McNabb that I remember seeing live in Sept 2003 only a few years before YouTube when they would have made circles immediately instead of in two days only after a local newspaper decided rightly to call Limbaugh out after ESPN tried to gloss it over. Mind you we have some of the same going on in polling nowadays FOR Obama when certain suburban types are polled. Fuckin’ phonies.

    How far we have to go as a country for sure and more than anyone will admit accurately.

  2. JA

    February 5, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    DC was a pimp!

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