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Harrowing report surfaces from NBA All-Star game

Cowboy Stadium NBA ridiculous

The following tidbits were fed to us from a Dallas beat reporter who, just moments ago, finally emerged from the far regions of Cowboys Stadium after covering the gluttonous 2010 NBA All-Star game.

– Of the record 108,713 who attended, 114 were actually able to locate the court inside the stadium.

– Spectators behind the West's bench saw baskets made on the north end of the arena a full two minutes before those sitting behind the East.

– TNT's Craig Sager, who was sent into the stands some time during the second quarter to get fans? take on the game, went missing for 2 days. If not for his special S.O.S. suit, rescuers at Section 794 Base Camp would not have seen him

– It took 17-year-old Forth Worth resident Mark Tamblor 25 minutes to get to his seat in the arena. Once he finally made it, he sat down and was rewarded with a view of one of Cowboys Stadium's lovely pillars.

– In a terrible mix-up, a father and son separately entered the wrong gates of the arena. Those two will never see each other again.

– The entire 2700 section ran out of complimentary Sherpas, stranding hundreds of gangrenous rubes in the walkways.

– In a typical empirical move, some fuckin Brit planted a Union Jack at the top of the last row.  Jerry Jones promptly had him murdered.

– Midway through the third quarter, the Hubble Telescope ripped through the roof.

– Section 2905 consisted entirely of dead, frozen people, many of which still had their hands in their popcorn, nachos and barf bags.

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  1. Bob Mantz

    February 16, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    By NFL law you must thank Jerry Jones whenever referring to Cowboys stadium!!! Liberal use of exclamation points are also requested!!!

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