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Al Davis clearing cap room for free agent prize LeBron James

Al-Davis-LeBron-James In a predictably odd turn of events, confused Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis took off one of his leather Raiders-branded slippers and tried phoning old friend Jimmy the Greek to scoop him that he is currently clearing $146 million in cap space in a shrewd effort to lure soon to be free agent, LeBron James.

Speaking aggressively into his slipper – between sips of Dewar's and Ensure – the bacon-faced owner was overheard screaming, "all I know is that if you get me that flanker running on the outside for the Raidaahs with Mervin Fernandez and Gault, Shradah' will have no problem getting him the pigskin.  Flores loves his haht."

After assuming The Greek had hung up, Al took a pleasant nap, dreaming once again of his eventual seat next to Beezlebub.


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