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Unknown yet infamous sports deals

Brad-Stevens The ridiculous and sure to be regretful 12-year deal that Butler head coach Brad Stevens signed got us thinking about other nonsensical contracts. Aside from Magic Johnson?s memorable 25-year deal with the Lakers in 1984 and Rick DiPietro’s 15-year contract with the New York Islanders a few years ago, The Sports Hernia takes a look at other extended and idiotic agreements:

– Silk Panties Corp. and Horrible Design Inc. sign co-10-year extension with all NBA Teams
– Abstinence signs Tiger to a day-to-day contract
– Losing sign the Nets to 5-year guaranteed contract
– Ugly signs Chris Kaman to a lifetime deal
– Creeping Death signs Jeff Van Gundy’s eye sockets to 23-year deal
– Annoying Bench Antics inks LeBron for remainder of his 20s
– Barry’s Mock Turtlenecks re-up lifetime deal with Don Nelson, Bob Huggins and Stan Van Godly to include afterlife
Dickface glasses sign 75% of the NBA to 2-year deal

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