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Degenerate training camp starts early for Phillie fans

This is the kind of feel-good stuff we sometimes forget about here at Hernia Headquarters.  He'll be puking on and or punching someone's dad in about five years. Touching.

UPDATE: The vengeful and often fast-acting "MLB Advanced Media" has ruined the fun.  The video starred a kid no older than five drinking a Miller Lite.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to the courageous Meech at the Fightins', the video is back!

UPDATE #3: Dear MLB Advanced Media, Fuck. You.

And Here's A Little Kid Drinking Beer At A Baseball Game [Deadspin]


  1. Bob's Blitz

    June 7, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Is he sitting in Jimmy Carter’s lap?

    Can’t have “MLB Advanced Media” without NAMBLA.

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